Snap + Win
$250 for charity +
$250 for you
Snap + Win $250*
Snap + Win $250*
Snap + Win $500*
Snap + Win $500*
Snap + Win $500*
Big Spring Clean 2023 is here. Each week you’ll have the chance to win $250, PLUS $250 for a charity close to your heart.
a photo of overgrown vegetation reported last year, when the winner donated their prize to the cancer council.

Stay tuned as every week
we’ll be giving away $500.

(1-7 Oct)
Dumped Rubbish
(8-14 Oct)
Overgrown Vegetation
(15-21 Oct)
Abandoned Trolleys
(22-28 Oct)
SNAPtember has become the Big Spring Clean this year!

Last year, over 85,000 Snaps were sent and, thanks to our hard working Solvers, over 80% of closed reports were marked as Solved.

Our previous winning Snappers donated to charities such as the Cancer Council, Telethon Kids and St. John’s Ambulance Service, helping to better their communities in more ways than one.
One simple Snap could be all
it takes to freshen up your
neighbourhood this Spring.
Capture the issue of the week using Snap Send Solve and go in the draw to win $250 for yourself. PLUS, we’ll donate another $250 to a charity close to your heart.

So be the change, grab your phone, and Snap Send Solve this Spring.
Happy Snapping!
a photo of rubbish dumped across overgrown grass, among an abandoned trolley
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