Week 3: Winner Announced
Congratulations to Jason C. from Queensland for being the winner of Abandoned Trolley Week. We’re proud to share his support of Walk With Us Gold Coast.

Jason chose a charity close to his heart, Walk With Us Gold Coast, as they provide a home-cooked meal to individuals and families in need. Established in 2015 the charity has been serving up breakfast and dinner for 8 years now.

Abandoned Trolleys

From 15 to 21 October, Snap abandoned shopping trolleys for your chance to win $250 for you and $250 for a charity close to your heart.

Don't forget to Snap the incident of the week for your chance to win.
Abandoned trolley
Trolleys dumped in waterways.
Trolleys abandoned in residential areas.
Trolleys piled together in parks.
Include Extra Photos: Photos help Solvers understand the issue better and streamline the Solving process.
Avoid Duplicates + Inessential Snaps: Duplicate or inessential reports will not be eligible entires. Focus on genuine concerns that require attention.

The schedule

1 - 7 Oct: Dumped Rubbish
8 - 14 Oct: Overgrown Vegetation
15 - 21 Oct: Abandoned Trolleys
22 - 28 Oct: Graffiti
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