Week 1: Winner Announced
Congratulations to Earl F. from Victoria for being the winner of Dumped Rubbish Week. We’re proud to share his support for The Lungitude Foundation.

Earl’s niece, Zoe, was the youngest Australian at the time to have a double lung and heart transplant at the age of 5. After Zoe’s passing the Lungitude Foundation created a Paediatric Fellowship in her honour.

Find out more about Zoe’s Fellowship.

Dumped Rubbish

From 1 October to 7 October, Snap any dumped rubbish, abandoned furniture or overflowing bins for your chance to win $250 for you and $250 for a charity close to your heart.

Don't forget to Snap the incident of the week for your chance to win.
Abandoned appliances and other white goods.
Dumped tyres, furniture and mattresses.
Overflowing bins.
Include Extra Photos: Photos help Solvers understand the issue better and streamline the Solving process.
Avoid Duplicates + Inessential Snaps: Duplicate or inessential reports will not be eligible entires. Focus on genuine concerns that require attention.

The schedule

1 - 7 Oct: Dumped Rubbish
8 - 14 Oct: Overgrown Vegetation
15 - 21 Oct: Abandoned Trolleys
22 - 28 Oct: Graffiti
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